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The Pairing Workshop v0.1

The guys at jimdo were the first ones to invite me over for a workshop. We agreed on a training about Pair programming, a practice known from Extreme Programming. Jimdo really is drinking the agile cool aid (Kanban, Visual Management etc.) and the team seemed to be fond of a training on this very specific topic.

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Agile Waltz – Brainstorming at #p4a12 – play4agile

While visiting the play4agile conference in Rückersbach, now for the second time in a row, a lot of great feedback was given to me by the participants regarding my journeyman’s year project. A lot of different people visit this conference: From agile coaches to project managers to coding craftsmen, all types of Agilists can be found there. It turned out to be a perfect mixture of people helping me with new input on the idea.

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The journeyman’s travel is an adventure in creative commons

A lot of materials need to be generated in order to organise a workshop on agile. Especially when you involve activities and do not do a frontal style powerpoint thingie. I did this the first time for the dutch PHP Conference and people really liked my new setup. A lot of Stuff is based on “Training from Back of the Room” mixed up with my knowhow.

Since I am not a professional trainer/consultant,  I do not plan to open a own consultancy in the near future and had several experiences with Open Source Software as a developer and user, I came to the conclusion that re-sharing my ideas in a format that other can use to easily build workshops is more of an obligation than an option.

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First feedback

It looks like some people found the journeyman’s travel idea appealing (800 Reads in 3 days, 5 proposals for journeyman’s destinations) and  gave me some feedback. It looks like that workshops seem to be a main interest of people contacting me.

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A journeyman’s travel

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Some ups and downs brought me into the situation that I am actually without a job or contract and I have  some spare time at hand that I am going to spend with a journeyman’s travel or so called waltz.

The journeyman years refer to the tradition of setting out on travel for several years after completing apprenticeship as a craftsman. The tradition dates back to medieval times and is still alive in German-speaking countries. In the British Isles the tradition is lost and only the title journeyman itself remains as a reminder of the custom of young men traveling throughout the country. (wikipedia)

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