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Prepare for the 2011 Confoo Talk

Confoo Talk preps

I will be going to PHP Conference in Berlin ;)

Hallo Sebastian Schürmann,

Vielen Dank für Ihre Sessionvorschläge.

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Conferences 2011

I am a bit late, 2011 is already 10% in Progress, so a fast wrapup for conferences 2011. What’s the plan?

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Dpc10 Idea Vault

So what to bring to dpc11? I have some ideas and observations.

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Dutch PHP Conference 2010 Feedback

Bottom line first: I really liked it and I think dpcon is worth the time, effort put in it by many great people and worth buying the ticket. Why is that so?

1. Organization

Everything was in place in time and I saw no technical problems whatsoever anywhere. This is how you wanna have a conference and a sign of a professional organization behind. The conference space was clean and really fitting the event. Numerous tables and occasionally placed power plugs served the job really well. All the time there was someone you can ask someone for help/assistance.

2. Focus

The conference had a strong focus on talks and tracks, to be honest it seems not to be a networking event (in sales definition). This is a good thing for developers and I think it’s not by accident.

3. The talks

Clearly PHP focus and quality was, judging by the ratings, very good. No critics here, simply worth attending.

4. The tutorial days

I hate myself for doing the scrum tutorial, too much that I didn’t see that I should have. great++

5. Food & Drinks

I am not a sandwich kind of a person, but every Euro invested in food adds to the conference price. So it’s ok and ill stick with it. There was always access to a number of sodas etc.


Seeing @evebugs organizing the #pbcat (Salzburg PHP Barcamp) gave insight in the stuff that needs to be done for 50 people so all the props go out to the crew from ibuildings for making this a great event worth attending.

Feedback to the #dpcon unconference track

Adding to the great feedback that was communicated over twitter by everybody participating some ideas came to my mind to improve it. I promised to write them down. So here they are.

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Dutch PHP Conference 2010 I’m coming

This might look like another shameless self-advertising scheme, but my intention is a completely different one.

After submitting some talks and a tutorial to the CFP they said YES and invited me over to hold a fullday tutorial and a little talk. I would like to use this  Blog to share the ideas, slides and other materials. The preparation is anyway most of the time and why not share that and all I stumble over the time I prepare stuff. I hope to get one or another remark regarding the contents and topics.

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