Release all the agile docs (and use the CC0 license)

by sebsonconferences

ImageThere are a lot of helpers and tools that get created by teams engaging in agile software development. I work on materials like this as well. Actually there is a lot of stuff out there that you can use. I think a mayor example is the tasty cupcakes website.

However, if I want to create a professional training and need to come up with some materials, I need to create everything for myself or license it. To be honest, the process behind creating those materials is not only interesting and creative but also  time-consuming and expensive. Time-consuming is the creation of the contents/assets and versioning of all that.  Expensive are the assets e.g. stock photos.

Why not go the other way around? There are books, websites and materials all over the place. But in most cases I dont have the rights to use this in a commercial context. Let’s create a complete set of materials, online with the right license. Complete and in it’s pure form. Everyone should be entitled to use those in a commercial context, change them and republish it under a own name. Publish a book with it, build a website or in my case: create a training.

The proposal 

For the users of agile methods
who dont have access to a complete set of training materials 
#cc0agile is a content repository 
that provides CC0 licensed training materials, assets and further information  about agile softwaredevelopment methods

unlike existing websites, training materials and resources
all contents have no copyright strings attached 

The following ideas flow around

  • Contents get published under the CC0 license – everyone can use it with no strings attached
  • Use the #cc0agile hashtag in commits and twitter posts – create the repository
  • Use Github repositories for the original contents – content versioning, wiki, bugtracker
  • no central authority, the only rule is CC0 and sources –
  • Source Data – Give the user the maximum freedom to modify and remix contents
  • The content repo is the attribution, it reflects all the changes and authorship information.

I created a github organization named cc0agile being the hub for all information  that comes with the hashtag #cc0agile and a clear CC0 license text.

I would love to see some contributions from users, trainers, coaches and who ever is interested.

CC0 license for ALL the agile training materials!s