Agile Waltz – Brainstorming at #p4a12 – play4agile

by sebsonconferences

While visiting the play4agile conference in Rückersbach, now for the second time in a row, a lot of great feedback was given to me by the participants regarding my journeyman’s year project. A lot of different people visit this conference: From agile coaches to project managers to coding craftsmen, all types of Agilists can be found there. It turned out to be a perfect mixture of people helping me with new input on the idea.

As the initial blog post was made some days before the open space styled conference and my social gap (aka twitter followers) seems to be filled with the people attending, a lot of people seemed to be pretty well informed. Comments went from “Great idea btw.” to “I wish I had the courage to do something like this” to “I had thought about a thing like this for a long time” to “Hey, why don’t you work for us” and that really helped me realizing that the plan to copy the concept of a waltz and travel for a time to work for minimum cost in exchange for knowhow is not that much of a stupid thing in the eyes of people I would call “peers”.

The main themes

After I had used the lightning talk spot for 3 minutes of shameless self marketing I was a approached with lots of ideas , offers, criticism and comments from individuals.  The main points (as far as I remember now).

  • How to finance all this
  • Who could be a location
  • Direct offers to work something out
  • Input on whom I could contact
  • Input on what I could do

The main problem was that not everybody got what I advertised on the lightning talk slot, not everyone had read the blog-posting and this led to a great number of different “one on one” conversations. It turned out that each of these conversations where intense and bought up new points I had not thought about. Additionally I the new generated insights did not get back to the early idea generators. So what to do with this?

The idea wall brainstorming game 

On the last evening the personel of the location gave permission to use a big wall-space in the lobby or a little brainstorming gas. Stickynotes and adding pens were placed around it and a little description was given in order to clearly point out what the reason of this game/activity was. Lucky me, the conference was about games and everybody anyway was in “creation mode”.

It took some time and some explanations to convince passing conference Participants that adding new ideas was a good thing and from a point things went very del, lots of feedback and ideas was generated. Additionally the conversation went amongst others and not all needed to be triggered by me. As far as I observed, the Quality of the input was getting better from that point on.

So here we go, all the input in unordered form:

  • Outdoor agile games -> Sailing #geeksonaboat
  • Co-Coaching workshops (by @da_chrisch)
  • Agile gratitude dance
  • Agile’s  corner in the “English Garden – Munich” (a big park)
  • Preaching Agile in the Mall
  • Speakers corner in public transport / Preaching Agile in public transport
  • In-house scrum clinic
  • Co-Coaching in general
  • Writing th ALE-Book (Seriously, did anyone count my typos)
  • Talk to organizers of different agile events & ask for recommendations
  • Appreciative learning and journal map (A tool that shows who reached me what and where) – I appreciate @karen_ks for teaching me how appreciative is written (Rückersbach, Germany)
  • Pair Programming Workshop
  • Come to it-agile for some weeks (a little too long, but I will be happy to look into the company)
  • Gamify ALE 2012 (Wow, this one is a blast)
  • presentation in Hubs like for example London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich … (Yeah, but not only self advertisement)
  • Create a tour T-Shirt
  • Agile Superhero on Tour (this is even to bold for me)
  • The ideas is similar to the Aborigines “Walkabout”
  • Help Kerstin Bücher facilitate Barcamp Erlangen (I guess) ….
  • Sponsors pay for at-cost training of social/charity teams
  • Ask each client to recommend you further on your stay.
  • Jester/Exciter for companies (orly – Sebs looking on Agile? G*****)
  • Clean up your room (the first thing I will do tomorrow)
  • couch surfing
  • Striptease/Callboy (That this one contained 3 times a +1 scares me)
  • Travel all lean/agile community meetings aka “Stammtisch”
  • Inject new Ideas into Agile transitions
  • Hospitation on Coachings (Silently listening all day … this is cruel)
  • Blog the experience from the start … NOW (In progress)
  • Write a book (Title Proposal: How to get fired by applying the agile manifesto?)
  • Stay with friends
  • Become  NVC trainer (Fucko….. oh good idea)
  • Pizza essen bei Jule Sven
  • Create something useful every day
  • Free hugs for successful sprints
  • Volunteering on conferences (Ask Björn Jensen)
  • Real life Mechanics to exploit/hack – Zero-Sum, Non Zero-Sum, Small world principle

Thank you 

The ideas have a good range, from silly to serious, rom doable to impossible and that gives me pretty much  good idea of the things that could be on the road ahead.