The journeyman’s travel is an adventure in creative commons

by sebsonconferences

A lot of materials need to be generated in order to organise a workshop on agile. Especially when you involve activities and do not do a frontal style powerpoint thingie. I did this the first time for the dutch PHP Conference and people really liked my new setup. A lot of Stuff is based on “Training from Back of the Room” mixed up with my knowhow.

Since I am not a professional trainer/consultant,  I do not plan to open a own consultancy in the near future and had several experiences with Open Source Software as a developer and user, I came to the conclusion that re-sharing my ideas in a format that other can use to easily build workshops is more of an obligation than an option.

In order to make sure all my journeyman’s travel work, that will contain workshop generation and design as well, gets around and is not wasted in just one woorkshop i decided to put up a wikipage for the first workshop and license it under creative commons + attribution + derivates allowed + commercial use allowed. I hope this provides enough freedom for everybody to use the materials and concepts for themselves and maybe add a little something.

It is still work in progress, so bare with me with typos et al., but it totally represents the way I am putting these together when I am asked to do so for an professional environment.

Nuff said, except for a little hint what I want you to do with it