It’s a team thang

by sebsonconferences

Ordering people to adopt agile is a mistake in the first place. There is no guarantee that teams will adopt the required discipline and level of cooperation in the long term withou new “enforcement” by coaches, team leads or the management if ordered to do it in the first place.

In the end all boils down to adopt new ways of working, combine it with what already is there, analyze the results and make a choice to adopt it and then further improve on the specific topic.  You could argue that a new meme is inhabiting the mind or mutating.

The bigger picture is very often different because the general methodology gets “teached” in short injections on trainings, courses or with onsite consultants. This is not a really good source for an idea to get the amount of attention by everyone involved that helps a lot to improve the quality of the surroundings and results of the development process.

A lot of information leads to the reasoning that telling people by “what means” they have to do something has a bad influence on the result. So why not more often present everyone involved with a choice: Once a decision is made THAT there is a need for agile, the choice of values, principles and practices is done by the team.  There is no way you go from 0 to 100 in just 3 sprints if you are new to the methodology, but you can make all the choices transparent and why they are made. The reasoning WHY they  are made is a team thing.

For Coders:

Imagine you do not know how bubblesort works and have 2 (besides more) choices. One is to look up the code snippet in the language of your choice, copy and paste it and hopefully you are done. Another one is to realize THAT there is a important skill missing and try to implement it. Wikipedia is a good start most times for this kind of approach. After a while, a idea of the problem at hand emerges or gets more specific. The next time when approached with a problem alike, a better idea of the problem at hand exists. Experience WHY bubblesort works or not is gained.

Now what?

  • Offer new choices over process
  • Let people do the thang 😉
  • Help with reasoning over process
  • Create ongoing collaboration adapting the process

In short: PDSA and empiric work 😉 Maybe present this as the first choice, both are good for starters.