Jobchange INC.

by sebsonconferences

With leaving after 4 Years and 9 Months a lot of new Endavours lie before me. It was a pleasure to work there with a set of colleagues that teached me a lot of the things I know about websites, teams, development of products and people.

The Past

I started with a “Senior Developer” label with the luck to be part of a relatively fresh team and all went from there to kind of a line management position and from there to a more coaching oriented job. All this took nearly half of the time I spent with development on a professional level (10 Years).
Looks like I had a great deal of luck when it came to my job at Chip Xonio Online GmbH. On one hand there was a group of persons who really cared about the product we built and on the other hand the personal things were in a good state for the time being there. The patience they had with my (still) developing skills in this org role can not be overstated. Another things is the product we built that grew and went in the direction the users and company could benefit from. With help from all the other colleagues, technical teams, editors, management, test lab crew and the office management I have the feeling: We made it a better thing than it was before!
It always was a learning experience and after we started this “agile” thing, it turned to deliberate learning for the whole group. And believe me, we learned a lot. There is no way to list all this, it is too much.  All that problems we solved together have def.  changed me a lot, in a good way so that flowstate was not a exception but the normal case for a lot of times.

Guys and Gals, it was a blast. Thank you for the last 4 Years and  Months. Thank you for the ride, it was enjoyable and I leave with a good feeling. Thank you, without all of you I’d be a different person.

The future

From 01.10.2011 I will join IntelliAd in a more coaching oriented role than ever before. I am looking forward to some new challenges and a new group of colleagues.