Infos for the XP Workshop – Dutch PHP Conference

by sebsonconferences

I am currently sitting in an cafe, preparing the XP workshop. Finally I have determined a structure and a good concept for the workshop.

  • Less Slides than last year (we had about 40), to be honest I will go Zero Slides if I find a way
  • I have new techniques to make sure participants can transport the learned from short term to long term Memory
  • Participants will in fact partly teach themselves and not listen to me. This is because I suspect anyone can do this and anyone has a good Idea what I am talking about. Even if they do not know it in the Context of XP
  • All the stuff that has to be done with a computer (practices) will be reduced. We will Talk about testing, but now waste time with 25 Setups of phpunit or a VM or ….
  • If the Participants like, however I have a Idea to present the coding DOJO or Pairing part as a kind of a “lab” Situation
  • The workshop will be more in a Style that ANYONE from a Software Project (PM, Exec, Dev) can get something out on every part.
  • We will use minimum 2 Hours for a Lego Simulation of a XP project. This is a special challenge for me for several reasons. One is that there will be up to 5 paralell Games running.
  • I proposed the workshop to drink Milk and make the Paricipants kick the ass of awesomeness and I just finished my Milk!