Confoo2011 looking back

by sebsonconferences

… I must say: I really liked it.

Given the Omni-Lingual  Approach (French and English, Multiple Programming Languages) I was pretty surprised to get the Talks I really wanted to hear. This was Awesome 9 on a 10 Awesomeness Level. Some talks remained closed for me, french (personal todo list: learn basic french).

I was pretty stunned by the organization and surely could have added another talk, the one seemed to little, given the cost that must have been in flight and hotel for the #confoo Conf.


  • Hack Day – I just watched it, pretty cool way to spend the time.
  • Unconf – I didn’t attend, but it was pretty well organized and seemed energetic
  • The Talks (Caching, new PHP Features, Sinatra, SEO)
  • Over a beer, Explaining the Idea of an AI based, automated agent converting twitter friends into RL friends.

I would really thank the confoo Team for the hospitality and caring over the 4 days. It helped a lot to crash in Montreal like this. As a European Quebec/Montreal is a lot like a kind of Melting Pot that has something to offer everywhere.

It was fun to meet Programmers of other languages and exchange knowhow. I can fully recommend the conference for a visit.

p.s. Thanks for the additional hints and helps (G*) in the Montreal Nightlife.