Even more emergence

by sebsonconferences

  1. Emergent (software), Neural Simulation Software
  2. Emergent (album), a 2003 album by Gordian Knot
  3. emergent plant, a plant which grows in water but which pierces the surface so that it is partially in air
  4. emergent evolution, an unpredictable rearrangement of the already existing entities
  5. emergent viruses, the adaptation of a virus to emerge as a new pathogenic strain with a new attribute in a new field not normally associated with that specific virus
  6. emergent coastline, a stretch of coast that has been exposed by the sea due to a relative fall in sea levels
  7. emergent algorithm, a self-stabilizing predictable algorithm
  8. emergent curriculum, curriculum planning based on the EMERGENT student’s interests and passions as well as the teacher’s
  9. emergent gameplay, the creative use of a game in ways unexpected by the game designer’s original intent
  10. emergent strategy, strategies which originate in the interaction of an organization with its environment
  11. emergent democracy
  12. emergent organization
  13. emergent materialism, a theory which asserts that the mind is an irreducible existent in some sense
  14. Emergent BioSolutions, a multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
  15. Emergent Design, a neologism describing a theoretical framework for the implementation of systemic change in education and learning environments
  16. Emerging church, 21st-century ecumenical Christian movement
  17. Other uses include: induced gravity, sometimes referred to as emergent gravity
  1. “Emergent” may also refer to emergence, or its belief system emergentism.