Conferences 2011

by sebsonconferences

I am a bit late, 2011 is already 10% in Progress, so a fast wrapup for conferences 2011. What’s the plan?


Starting coming weekend, the conference about serious play will take off. This is a miniconf, you had to present a idea if you liked to attend. Nice idea, keeps the group focused and everyone knows what he can expect before. Big Plus: If I could have written a Guestlist for my own private agile  Conference, this would be it. I just bring a Box of Lego and one “Secret Project”: Change the “Scrum Lego Game” to add Simulation of the Product Owner.


The Idea for the XP/Agile History originated for this conference. I hope everyone will enjoy the easy Walk through some Ideas and concepts behind the magic Agile word. Very happy Panda.

Dutch PHP Conference

Second Year in row. I never made it this far on some other Conference ;). A conference without massive Displays of Companies, just the People attending. I can accept the specialities of Dutch Snacks and be happy about the Dutch hospitality there. 2 Things I have in preparation:

  • The History of Agile/XP Talk
  • XP Workshop

While the Talk will focus on the basic Ideas of agile Movements the workshop tries to emphasize practical Training of the Practices and tries to elaborate some of the Theory behind it. Especially when it comes to XP I am very keen to see what the Attendees will bring with them. I do not intend to do a frontal kind of Workshop. This one will be group interaction, mostly.