Dpc10 Idea Vault

by sebsonconferences

So what to bring to dpc11? I have some ideas and observations.


The ratings of the talk and workshop indicate people liked the workshop more than the talk. Looks like I am better on the long run. While unconferences are a good way to improve giving talks, a conference is not a training ground.

The unconference looked like a fun thing. I  guess the whole uncon could improve by a little more pencil, paper and post-it interaction, focus of the overall event on the uncon and people working the org (2+x persons all the rime). So I guess, i will offer some time and ideas. I only time is required, fair enough.

I will submit a fullday XP workshop which will contain a lot of stuff, that wasn’t presented this way in the php community up to now. I will keep the ideas and basics of the workshop as open as possible. Beginning with the answer to the cfp. It will not focus on specific tools, more on the techniques and the mindset behind the whole thing. Doing this things for 6 or more years I started to putting pieces together and create a workshop giving you a complete drivethrough XP. My hope is that there is a wide variety of knowledge already in some or even better all of the techniques.

We will see how all this works out 😉