Feedback to the #dpcon unconference track

by sebsonconferences

Adding to the great feedback that was communicated over twitter by everybody participating some ideas came to my mind to improve it. I promised to write them down. So here they are.

  • Visibillity
    All the elements of a unconference should be easily accessible and visible to everybody taking part. So if the uncon is a part of a conference, right in the middle of everything. So the absence of nice company booths at dpcon (a great thing in my eyes) provides a lot of space, that was unused but in general visited by everybody. Another thing is the track planning, which could have been a wall with big, clear written Notes (A4 size).
    Another thing regarding visibillity is the planning and the exercise of the rituals. For not so morning persons a public mid-day standup would be a great thing to catch up with latest developments. If commencing this in public space, the other conference guests would see all that by accident, and latest on ending of day 1 everybody would have a little exercise with the things someone needs to do to participate.
  • Main Format Openspace
    I suspect in cases of subconferences the format of straight organizing one track is not 100% perfect. Conferences open a lot of space which could be used for open space like events. Openspace is a little different and requires more effort in terms of materials and number of hosting people that are exercising the elements. On the other hand it creates a atmosphere of a ongoing event. A simple Open Space could keep 20-50 People engaged all the time.
  • One to One
    On the scrum gathering was a as the expert list where experts of a certain area would make appointments. So for example a very detailed question about drupal could be discussed in detail. Some of those appointments had more than 2 persons in it. The list is public and person asking and the person consulting may only meet for the  session (Timeboxed 15-30 Minutes).
  • Coding Dojo
    Maybe 2 or 3 people a day could hold a coding dojo a day (one codes and everybody can interact). Naturally you need a workshop room for that. Kind of a uncon sidetrack that could run along.
  • Instant Feedback
    Maybe I am a “spoiled agile brat”, but dude where is my paper wall to stick nice feedback notes on? Joind in is ok for normal conference tracks, but for a unconference, by definition a evolving event, rating stuff 2 days later is too late.

A greater focus on unconference styled contents is a great thing. This is simply the future of tech conferences. I find the idea of paying money to go to a conference only to consume information in general not appealing so this is stuff for me. The more interaction and involvement is possible the better.

Here, one of the people organizing it gives some feedback too.