Dutch PHP Conference 2010 I’m coming

by sebsonconferences

This might look like another shameless self-advertising scheme, but my intention is a completely different one.

After submitting some talks and a tutorial to the CFP they said YES and invited me over to hold a fullday tutorial and a little talk. I would like to use this  Blog to share the ideas, slides and other materials. The preparation is anyway most of the time and why not share that and all I stumble over the time I prepare stuff. I hope to get one or another remark regarding the contents and topics.

Scrum Workshop – Working projects the iterative way

Scrum is a lightweight way of organizing and pulling of projects, focussing on the value of features and the regular event of estimation.

A predefined set of events and methods guides you through a iterative project development effort and makes always sure you get stuff delivered. The fullday workshop shows the basics, exercises planning poker and other educational games for the attendees. It’s not a fullscale training with a certificate but it is a good introduction that will help you judge if scrum is good for you or not.

Async webservices with php and nodejs

PHP is a very nice language, but it’s design has some shortcomings when it comes to a large number of http requests at the same time. Every access to a ressource, like for example a database or a filesystem makes your server wait for a result and blocks CPU cycles/RAM that could be used for other things.

  • Lifecycle of a apache+php request for starters and why it’s not perfect
  • Shortcomings of current php caching methods
  • The http Status code 202 Accepted
  • Nodejs architecture for starters
  • Implementation of a ajax proxy to a php webservice that will even work when under heavy load

The nodejs webserver can fix this with it’s asycronous way to handle requests and working with externals sources of data.